Capillary tubes

Precise dimensions, bright surface, cleaned and ready to use!

Merinox offers a wide range of seamless capillary tubing, available in stainless steel,
nickel alloys and titanium. The current stock is available in the following alloys;
304, 304L, 321, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 310, 6Mo, 400, 825, C22, C276 and Titanium Grade 2.
Either annealed (hardness < 180HV) or harddrawn (hardness 260-330 HV).
The tolerances are according to EN10216-5 TC1/ISO 1127 D4/T3 or ASTM A 269/A 213 mostly closer.
Our capillary tubes are characterized by tight tolerances with precise dimensional accuracy,
smooths bright surfaces and cleaned, free from oil, grease and other particles.
This ensures an optimized flow of liquids and gases for all kind of industrial applications.

Our stock range is from 0.30 mm OD and up! Available in thin, standard or heavy wall.

OD =   + 0.05 mm & - 0.00 mm  /  + 0.002” & - 0.000”
ID    =   + 0.00 mm & - 0.05 mm  /  + 0.000” & - 0.002”



  • Bright annealed:  Yield strength 500 - 700 N/mm²
  • Halfhard:  Yield strength 700 - 800 N/mm²
  • Harddrawn:  Yield strength 800 - 900 N/mm²
  • Extra hard:  Yield strength >1000 N/mm² 


  • Single random of 3.5 to 6 meters.
  • Coils up to 1524 mtrs. long.
  • Cut to lengths on customer specification.



Industrial applications:

  • Gas lines
  • Manometry
  • Measuring
  • Cardiology
  • Medical instruments
  • Endoscopy 
  • Sensors    
  • Liquid lines
  • Chromatography 
  • Implants 
  • Pyrometry                             
  • General Industrial



Tube end possibilities
The point styles on needles and cannula can be used for a wide veriety of applications,
Merinox has the experience and capability to supply intricate parts to exact specifications.
By utilising the latest precision, high-speed equipment specially designed to cut, flare,
reduce, expand, bulge, close, dimple, lance, slot, bend, coil, pierce or notch, we provide
the highest quality at a very competitive cost.

On request we also can supply; other dimensions respectively qualities, welded or
welded redrawn all according in same conditions. 

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